“The moment a child is conceived, the mother is also conceived. She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new!”

Welcome to motherhood!

As a mother of four beautiful children, I so vividly remember this amazing time in my own birth journey, how transformative and empowering it was. A journey which begins not at the birth of your baby but from the time of conception of the new life within. As a holistic midwife, I recognize the relationship between mind, body and spirit. That’s why I strive to support your whole being by helping you to feel confident in yourself and your abilities. I want you to be well informed and emotionally/physically prepared for whatever your birth journey may bring.

Prenatal PrepAration

Prenatal visits are scheduled monthly until the 7th month, then every two weeks until the 9th month when they are scheduled weekly until you deliver. Our visits are 45 minutes long to devote attention to your overall health and for you to get to know your midwife. Emphasis is placed on developing healthy lifestyle habits. I will measure your belly, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and take your blood pressure. Routine tests are discussed. If you have children, they are very welcome! I have four of my own so I know how it goes!

Shared Decision Making

I encourag you to be proactive about gathering information during your pregnancy. As we develop a relationship of trust, I will get to know you, your partner, and your unique family’s needs. Keeping current evidence based practices in mind, your care plan will be created specifically to meet all of your needs. Prenatal visits provide time for me to educate you about all of your options and listen to your questions. We will come up with a plan that we are all comfortable with! This trusting relationship is part of what makes homebirth safe.

Your HomeBirth

I will come to your home when you are in labor and ready for me. Another skilled attendant or an experienced assistant may attend with me. I listen to the baby with a handheld doppler about every half hour, and monitor your vitals. I won’t pressure you about where or how you push, as long as I can get to you if you need me. This is your birth. You have chosen your team and you are made for this! After an hour or so of skin-to-skin, a complete newborn exam is done. I’ll stay for 2-3 hours after the birth, cleaning up, repairing your perineum if needed, feeding you, and I won’t leave until you are snuggled up in a clean bed.

PostPartum Care

I will visit you two days after your birth to check up on you and offer the standard newborn screenings. Breastfeeding assistance is provided, and all of your questions about this new tiny person in your life are answered. After this, an office appointment is scheduled for 3 weeks and 6 weeks – our final visit! We’ll make sure you have begun recovery from pregnancy and birth by checking your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. My goal is to help you be well on your way to an empowered motherhood!


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